For Your Garden Now

A selection of products I am using in the garden right now

Spring Flowering Bulbs

As gardeners, we always need to think a season ahead and thus now is the time to be thinking of next spring. Bulbs need to be planted during the autumn and winter for flowering next spring 

This should be one of the highlights of each gardening year for this is a hugely inexpensive way to fill your garden with masses of colour come springtime.

A bit of effort now, which may seem thankless when you are finished as you cant see the results of your labour instantly, will lead to a lifting of the spirits like no other, early next year as first leaves and then beautiful blooms emerge from the ground.

Plant the earliest to bloom from now onwards and leave Tulips until October - December.


There’s no point giving a high Nitrogen feed to the lawn now as we don’t want to increase grass growth above the ground. Over the next few months we should focus on Phosporous and Potassium to develop the root system below the ground.

Lawn Gold Winter Protect is what I am using right now.

 Moss loves our warm and damp climate and it cannot be controlled by one application of any product in spring, The lawn needs to be maintained to ensure it doesn’t return.

I don’t like to use Lawn Sand or any product based on Sulphate of Iron as, whilst this may kill the moss quickly, in the longer term it ensures that it will come back as it reduces the pH to a level at which moss will thrive.  

Also, using Sulphate of Iron turns the moss orange and black which I don’t particularly like.


Algae, rain and fallen leaves can make our paths and patios, dirty, messy and a slip hazard. 

The problem with many of the garden cleaning products is that they can do untold damage to the surrounding green environment.

I have been using Mosgo Probiotic Cleaner for the last two years and find it great. It's an environmentally sound cleaning product and it works.

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