Maincrop Seed Potatoes

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Don’t Get Caught Out this Spring!!

Seed Potatoes, Raised Beds, Vegetable and Flower Seeds and nearly all gardening items SOLD OUT early last spring and many were left unable to source theirs.

Be prepared for spring 2021 and order your seed potatoes now for delivery during February 2021 just in time for planting

Please DO NOT EXPECT DELIVERY before February 2021 as they will not be ready to plant.

Products on this page are all PRE-SEASON items. If you are ordering them with other (NON pre-season) products from the webstore, please be aware that delivery may be 2-3 weeks after your order

Starting off seed potatoes with the first earlies during early spring through to Second Earlies  and Main Crop Seed Potatoes will ensure that you are harvesting your own, freshest of home grown food throughout the summer and into autumn.

Maincrop Seed Potatoes are the most popular varieties and although they take up the most space in the garden they are the best potato varieties to store.

The traditional planting time for Maincrop Seed Potatoes is anytime after St Patrick's Day, 17th March and these can be harvested 18–20 weeks after planting (August through to late September).

Maincrop Seed Potatoes are ready 15–16 weeks after planting.

Maincrop Seed Potatoes varieties available: Click on the drop-down above to select your chosen variety

Main crop Seed Potatoes:

  • Cara - Pink Skin and floury in texture 
  • Golden Wonder - My favourite Maincrop and one of the most popular.
  • Kerrs PInk - One of the most popular of all. Pink skin and floury flesh.
  • Record - Oval, yellow potatoes, floury in texture
  • Sarpo Mira - Pink skin with yellow flesh and floury in texture.
  • Rooster – Red skinned variety with yellow flesh. A floury potato, good for baking, roasting, boiling, mashing and chipping.
  • Setanta – Very good scab and blight resistance. A red skinned, floury potato

All seed potatoes varieties are supplied in recycled/recyclabe and compostable packaging. All my seed potatoes are delivered to me loos in hessian bags and so no plastic packaging is used in the supply of these seed potatoes