Amaryllis Red Lion Grow Set

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Whether you choose to give it as a gift or keep it all to yourself, this Amaryllis Red Lion Grow Set will make a magnificent floral impact and is sure to be a conversation piece in the home.
Each Amaryllis Red Lion Grow Set contains
  • A High quality sphere shaped, gold coloured ceramic planter
  • Amaryllis Red Lion bulb
  • Growing media in which to grow the bulb
Plant from September to December for blooms from December to April

Each Amaryllis bulb will produce at least 1 or 2 individual flower stems.

  • Open the bag of compost and empty contents into the planter, keeping a small amount back to cover bulb.
  • Place bulb on compost, with bud facing upward and fill around the bulb evenly with the remaining compost. Leave bud of amaryllis uncovered for best results. Place indoors in a warm location (18°C).
  • Water sparingly making sure the bulb is not over watered.
  • When the flower bud appears, water twice weekly. Turn the pot regularly to keep the stem from growing towards the light. Once the flowers appear, you can prolong the bloom time by keeping in a cooler location and away from direct sources of heat.

Please Note that the planter supplied is Gold in Colour