Asparagus Crowns

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These Asparagus Crowns are the varety, Asparagus Avalim.

Asparagus Avalim is a trouble-free variety of Asparagus crown with an excellent flavour and a good cropper.

Asparagus Avalim:

  • An early cropping variety
  • Suitable for growing both green and white Asparagus
  • A heavy cropper
  • These Asparagus crowns are supplied individually

Avalim, like all Asparagus likes to grow on a well drained and sandy soil.

Plant Asparagus crowns about 20cm deep and and about 25cm between plants

Asparagus crowns will take 3 years to establish before you should harvest them. Let them go to seed for the first 2 years and from year 3 onwards for the next 20 or more years you will be enjoying your own, fresh, home grown Asparagus and believe me, there are few things nicer in this world.

Grow in a sheltered and sunny position and mulch each year with some seaweed or well rotten farm yard manure.

Feed during the growing season with the organic and vegan Nature Safe Atlantic Seaweed Liquid Feed.