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Bee Skep

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Originally bees were kept in a bee skep which was essentially an upturned straw basket.

During Victorian times, more modern and purpose-built beehives came into being.

However, bumble bees which are the gardeners friends as they are great pollinators like to make their nests in old mice nests and bee skeps.

This ceramic bee skep not only makes a fabulous garden ornament, it will also attract bumble bees to your garden and they in turn will thank you by pollinating your ornamental and edible plants.

This bee skep is 19cm high x 18cm in diameter and is made of frost resistant ceramic.

It includes nesting material for the bees and instructions on how to set up are also included

It is best to position your ceramic bee skep towards the end of the garden away from the home, ideally in a sunny, position near lots of flowers.

Position it on a raised part of the garden, about 2m higher than the rest of your garden


This ceramic Bee Skep will provide your garden with:

An ideal bumblebee hive

A dry & well ventilated space for bees & small mammals


And your bee skep will:

Be great on nature trails

Ideal in native & wildlife gardens

Increase bee activity in your garden

Help to increase pollination