Butterfly Garden Starter Kit

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Make your garden the ultimate getaway for Butterflies with this Butterfly Garden Starter Kit.

You may want to use this Butterfly Garden Starter Kit yourself or it will also make a perfect gift, particularly to a child who may develop a lifelong love of gardening and nature as a result.

Butterfly Garden Starter Kit Contents:

  • 2 biodegradable grow trays,
  • 3 bags of growing medium,
  • 2 double seed sachets containing 4 seed varieties,
  • 6 plant markers
  • 1 propagator with lid.


Butterfly Garden Starter Kit, Plant seed species included:

  • Michaelmas Daisy Aster Alpinus Pink Height 25 cm Sow February - June Blooms June – September
  • Coreopsis lanceolata Sterntaler Height 40 cm Sow February - June Blooms May – October
  • Everlasting Flower Helichrysum Bracteatum Height 100 cm Sow February - June Blooms June – October
  • Cosmos Candy Stripe Height 110 cm Sow February - June Blooms July – September


Butterfly Garden Starter Kit Instructions:

  • Fill biodegradable trays with compost.
  • Sow seeds evenly over growing medium. the surface of the compost
  • Cover the seeds over and place the growing trays into the propagator.
  • Water the seeds lightly, taking care not to over water.
  • Use Plant markers to identify varieties.
  • Place the lid on the propagator and place in a sunny position.
  • Water regularly and turn the trays if seedlings start to grow towards the light.
  • Once seedlings become large enough to handle, harden off for 1 week and then transplant into the garden where butterflies can visit your plants and flowers regularly