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Capi Plant Cover Large 150x250 cm Grey Print

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Protect your plants against frost in winter with the 150x250 cm Capi plant covers with grey print.

These are practical protective plant covers with a beautiful, botanical design. The cover consists of three insulating layers so your plaint can withstand freezing days: water-resistant layer, evaporating layer and absorbent layer. They allow sufficient wind and light through so that the plants are not smothered. Furthermore, they are fitted with a handy long zip and drawstring to tighten the cover around the pot or plant.

The Capi plant covers are available in three different sizes and designs.

  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size: 150 x 250 cm (W x H)
  • Size (folded): 19 x 43 cm (Diam.x H)
  • Multiple insulating layers
  • 3-layer system: Insulating, evaporating and water-resistant effect
  • Easy to use
  • Fitted with a handy long zip and drawstring
  • Protects against frost, cold, drying winds, birds and vermin
  • Allows sufficient wind and light through

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