Copper Slug Tape

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This Copper Slug Tape is adhesive on one side and so is ideal for sticking to posts, containers and raised beds. 

Using Copper Slug Tape is the MOST EFFECTIVE way of keeping your potted plants free of slug and snail damage

Simply stick the Copper Slug Tape to the pot, and as the slug tries to cross it, the saliva/mucus that the slug secretes reacts with the copper and the slimy visitor cant get across it leaving your plants totally damage free.

Copper Slug Tape truly is the easiest and most effective way of controlling these garden pests.

This Copper Tape packet is 4 metres in length and 29mm in width.

Copper Tape can be left on the pot or container and will be effective for several years even though it may change colour

Using Slug Copper Tape as an organic slug control method is completely chemical-free,environmentally sound and extremely cost effective way of preventing slug and snail damage