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Humac Agro 10kg

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HUMAC®Agro is a natural and Kosher-certified soil conditioner made of activated Leonardite, a 100% active substance.

Blocks toxins and chemicals from entering plants and leads to top quality plants.

Our product is sustainably sourced from some of the purest Leonardite sources - with no chemical additives used.

It infuses powerful humic acid and organic matter into the soil, nurturing strong plants with all naturally chelated macro, micro and trace elements.

Whether you are growing edible or ornamental plants, let this natural solution revolutionize your gardens and reap the rewards of healthy, vibrant plants!


 Kosher certified and also suitable for Vegans

 Content of humic acids: min 62% in dry matter

Moisture content: max 20%

pH level /1% water suspension/: 6.5

Contains all naturally occurring macro, micro and trace elements chelated to natural amino acids

  • Improves soil structure - creates strong soil aggregates by bonding sand, silt and clay particles, increasing soil aeration and water absorption;

  • Use as a top dressing or add to soil pre planting at a rate of 20-30grammes per square metre
  • Reduces risk of water erosion.

  • Retains water - improves infiltration into soil and water retention capacity, increasing water available for plants.

  • Soil detoxifier - immobilizes toxins like metals, PCBs, dioxins, limiting bioavailability and aiding biodegradation.

  • Adds macro/micro nutrients & trace elements in chelated form, ready to be absorbed by plants.

  • Enhances soil bacteria, microorganisms & decomposition of organic compounds and nutrients.

  • Increases plant root system growth by 30-50%, improving drought resistance & nutrient uptake for faster growth.

  • Reduces leaching of nutrients from soil (N, P, K, Ca, Mg & other minerals).

  • Increases soil humus content, supplies organic carbon to soil (50% of its volume)

  • Increases plant's tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress factors such as fungal diseases or drought, salinity, and extreme temperatures