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Peanuts for Wild Birds

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Peanuts for Wild Birds are rich in essential oils and proteins and are an excellent winter warming bird food for all wild birds

These Peanuts for Wild Birds are supplied in 300g paper bags

Naturally nutritious and attractive

  • Perfect for wide range of wildlife, birds, squirrels, hedgehogs
  • Feed in bird feeder or on bird table
  • These peanuts are ideal for feeding wild birds, squirrels and all types of wildlife.
  • Peanuts are a great source of natural plant fat and protein which are nutritious and beneficial for wildlife.
  • Best fed in a Wire Peanut Feeder. Feeding peanuts will bring native and wild birds to your garden and deter nuisance animals such as mice and pigeons.
  • Best fed during cold and winter months when more natural food
  • sources are limited and energy is vital to wildlife.