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  • Cyclamen hederifolium - 3 corms - The Irish Gardener Store
  • Cyclamen hederifolium - 3 corms - The Irish Gardener Store
  • Cyclamen hederifolium - 3 corms - The Irish Gardener Store
  • Cyclamen hederifolium - 3 corms - The Irish Gardener Store
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Cyclamen hederifolium - 3 corms

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Enjoy beautiful Cyclamen blooms throughout the autumn with Cyclamen hederifolium - 3 corms

There’s a certain amount of confusion each year when people see the seasonal displays of Cyclamen all about. The uncertainty is regarding whether or not they will come up each year as you often see, particularly in older gardens, masses of Cyclamens which have naturalised over the years under trees and in woodland areas. 

Most suited to growing outdoors in our climate are the species Cyclamen coum and Cyclamen hederifolium both of which will tolerate far lower temperatures and will deal much better with our levels of rainfall.

Cyclamen hederifolium will flower freely during the autumn months. First, the flower stems appear, all coiled up like a spring, something from which I remember getting much delight as a child, unwinding and wrapping the stems around my finger - amazing what you remember.

 Plant Cyclamen hederifolium - 3 corms together in a group for a great display.

As the stems unfurl and the blooms open up then the leaves begin to appear. Beautiful, slightly waxy and green mottled with silver in colour this foliage develops into a beautiful natural tapestry over the winter and spring months

Cyclamen coum is similar though lower growing, and flowers during the spring when the foliage is well developed.

The beauties that you see brightening up the pots and giving that Christmas look are referred to generally as Bedding or Florists Cyclamen. These are varieties of C. persicum and have been intensively bred over the last century or more to provide different flower colours, flower shape, some have fringed petals, some have twisted petals, intensity of leaf colour, size of flower and size of the overall plant. The result of all this breeding is that you now have literally thousands of human-made cultivars from which to choose.

The Cyclamen bulbs or Cyclamen hederifolium - 3 corms, to use the correct terminology, that I am offering for sale are from an Irish supplier and I have been using his bulbs for many years with great results.

All the packaging that I use is either reused, recycled, recyclable or compostable.

All the bulbs are supplied to me loose in bulk crates so that there is no plastic wrapping or packaging to be dumped.

Inevitably I have to charge delivery on items that I offer for sale on this site. However, delivery is charged at a standard rate from 700g up to 15kg. Get value from the delivery charge by including more purchases in one order. You'll be surprised at how much you can fit into 15kgs!!