Dicentra spectabilis

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Dicentra spectabilis, also called Bleeding Heart or Dutchmans breeches is one of those early summer flowering perennnials which never fails to delight.

Dicentra is an old reliable. Thriving on neglect, Dicentra emerges each spring/summer and flowers away throughout April-July and often later.

  • These Dicentra roots are supplied individually
  • Incredibly attractive, heart shaped blooms hang off long, arching stems to bring a real touch of elegance and beauty to the garden each year. 
  • Dicentra spectabilis is a herbaceous perennial, which means that it will die back at the end of the season, each year, will stay asleep under the soil during the winter and re-emerge again the following year.
  • Plant Dicentra roots about 20cm under ground and leave at least 70cm between plants.
  • Dicentra likes a good, humus rich soil and a position in semi shade. It wont do well in full shade and from experience, I have found that direct, full sun can also be a bit too much for it.
  • This, Dicentra  is a fantastic plant for any garden
  • For best results, feed regularly with the organic plant food, Nature Safe Atlantic Seaweed Liquid Feed.

All my perennial plants are supplied as "bare roots". This means that they are not potted and will need to be potted or planted when you receive them.

All my perennial roots are supplied to me loose in timber crates or cardboard boxes and my packaging is all paper and cardboard so that no plastic is used in the packaging of these perennial roots