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Esschert Design Insect Hotel XL

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Give the insects in your garden a unique place to settle down with this extra large insect hotel from Esschert Design!

The insect house is made of spruce wood, bamboo and zinc, making it a suitable and perfect place for bees, butterflies and ladybugs. The red compartment at the bottom allows protection and housing to green lacewings, ladybirds and earwigs. The insects pollinate plants and act as a natural pest controllers. Thanks to the insect hotel you can offer them an opportunity to nest and hibernate. Each prefers a different diameter, so it is perfect for them.

Note: It is recommended to clean the bamboo straws with the included brush before hanging the insect hotel.

  • Colour: Natural, red and grey
  • Material: Spruce wood, bamboo and zinc
  • Dimensions: 31,5 x 13,7 x 38,2 cm (W x D x H)
  • Suitable for insects like bees, butterflies, ladybugs, green lacewings and earwigs
  • FSC certified wood
  • Delivery includes: 1 x cleaning brush

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