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  • Everedge Lawn Edging - The Irish Gardener Store
  • Everedge Lawn Edging - The Irish Gardener Store
  • Everedge Lawn Edging - The Irish Gardener Store
  • Everedge Lawn Edging - The Irish Gardener Store
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Everedge Lawn Edging

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Everedge Lawn Edging

  • This is the simple and straightforward way to create a classic and tidy look to the edges in your garden.
  • Everedge Classic Garden Edging contains a packet of 5 Metal Lawn Edgings
  • Each Section is 1m in length so each packet of Everedge Lawn Edging is 5m in length
  • Everedge Lawn Edging is made from 1.6mm Guage Metal, Galvanised Steel
  • Available in different heights: 75mm (3"), 100mm (4") and 150mm (6") in height
  • Brown in colour
  • Each section has 6 Metal Spikes in Base and the sections connect together securely and easily using an Interlocking Tongue System
  • The metal in the Everedge sections is flexible making it ideal for either straight lines, curves or circles
  • Everedge Classic Lawn Edging takes the backache out of edging your garden or lawn as it is a durable, flexible and simple solution to maintaining, clean, tidy elegant and permanent garden edges offering resistance to strimmer damage.
  • Pack Weight: 7.5Kg


Everedge Lawn Edging - Uses

  • To edge lawns & paths
  • The taller (125mm) edging can also be used to create low raised beds
  • Low cost & long-lasting garden edging
  • Top quality product suitable for both landscapers & domestic use
  • Ideal for edging paths, drives, flower beds & lawns
  • Ideal for creating formal beds & bedding areas
  • Flexible metal can be used in straight lines or on curves
  • Reduces garden maintenance
  • Can be used to divide vegetable gardens or herb gardens


Everedge Lawn Edging - Advantages

  • Clever interlocking system gives a secure & reliable hold
  • Built to highest standards
  • Metal edging is resistant mower & strimmer damage
  • Also frost & weather resistant
  • Lay once, lasts many years
  • Gives a stylish & neat finish to your garden
  • Very cost effective to install compared to brick edging
  • Flexible design allows for use on straight lines or curved edges
  • Create edging & borders instantly


Everedge Lawn Edging - How To Install

  • First mark out your edges using spray can, garden hose or garden twine
  • Measure the length of edging you require – Each packet of Everedge is 5m in length
  • Firstly, cut a clean edge with a spade or an edging iron.
  • Position so that logo is facing the front
  • Use a rubber mallet to tap the edgings down until the bottom is flush with ground level


To lock the Everedge Lawn Edging Sections together:

  • Ensure that the male & female ends are overlapping
  • Slot the tongue through the hole & using a screwdriver, fold the tongue down 45° to lock & hold the edgings together


Using Everedge Classic Lawn Edging on curves or round beds

  • Each section is flexible & can be bent to form your desired curve
  • Bend the sections before installing them