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Felco 8

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The angled cutting head on the Felco 8 secateurs safely prevents the tool slipping in your hand, while ensuring that the FELCO 8 effectively becomes an extension of your hand, providing ease of use, comfort and less likelihood of muscle fatigue whilst pruning.

Being one of the lighter Felco secateurs further reduces fatigue and strain and makes the Felco 8 suitable for smaller and larger hands.

Felco Secateurs:

  • Sturdy Steel Handles
  • All cutting parts made from High Quality Hardened Steel
  • Gives Precise, Clean Cuts
  • All Parts are Replaceable
  • This Felco 8 Secateurs is a Tool for Life

The comfortable feel of the Felco 8 is reinforced by the rubber shock absorbers which reduce the cutting strain on your wrists.

The superb Swiss design of the Felco 8 is most evident with the handle shape which specifically optimises the force you apply to your chosen cut, maximizing the impact of your effort.

The precision setting mechanism on the Felco 8 secateurs also makes it possible to adjust the cutting head as you require. 


Felco 8 Secateurs Is ideal to use in most garden situations such as:

  • Pruning and training fruit trees & roses
  • Preparing hardwood cuttings
  • Dead heading or preparing cut flowers
  • Cutting back and pruning shrubs and small trees
  • The Felco 8 secateurs is for Professional and Domestic Users
  • Includes safety lock and spring for easy pruning
  • Non slip, shock absorbing handles offer a very comfortable grip and pruning experience
  • Blades can be removed to be cleaned and sharpened


Felco 8 Secateurs – Maintenance

  • It is very important to clean all pruning tools and secateurs after using so that you do not spread disease or infection.
  • Clean and oil blades after use.
  • Sharpen blade as required.
  • Oil all moving parts before storing in Winter.


Maximum Pruning Diameter: 25mm (1”)

Weight: 245g (.54lb)