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  • Felco 9 - The Left Handed Secateurs. - The Irish Gardener Store
  • Felco 9 - The Left Handed Secateurs. - The Irish Gardener Store
  • Felco 9 - The Left Handed Secateurs. - The Irish Gardener Store
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Felco 9 - The Left Handed Secateurs.

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Felco 9 secateurs, the left handed secateurs.

These high-performance Felco 9 secateurs are the ideal tool of choice for left-handers who want to enjoy the full experience of using a Felco secateurs.

Their inspired Swiss design embodies exceptional ergonomics as you would expect from Felco.

Felco Secateurs:

  • Sturdy Steel Handles
  • All cutting parts made from High Quality Hardened Steel
  • Gives Precise, Clean Cuts
  • All Parts are Replaceable

This Felco 9, left handed secateurs is a Tool for Life

The Felco 9 are especially suitable for larger hands, providing a firm and comfortable grip that ensures a comfortable pruning experience.

With an angled cutting head design the FELCO 9 immediately becomes a natural extension of your hand.


Felco 9 Secateurs Is ideal to use as a left handed secateurs in most garden situations such as:

  • Pruning and training fruit trees & roses
  • Preparing hardwood cuttings
  • Dead heading or preparing cut flowers
  • Cutting back and pruning shrubs and small trees
  • The Felco 9 secateurs is for Professional and Domestic Users
  • Includes safety lock and spring for easy pruning
  • Non slip, handles offer a very comfortable grip and pruning experience
  • Blades can be removed to be cleaned and sharpened


Felco 9 left handed secateurs – Maintenance

  • It is very important to clean all pruning tools and secateurs after using so that you do not spread disease or infection.
  • Clean and oil blades after use.
  • Sharpen blade as required.
  • Oil all moving parts before storing in Winter.


Maximum Pruning Diameter: 25mm (1”)

Weight: 245g (.54lb)