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The Ultimate Gift for Gardeners, this Felco Gift Pack is exactly what all gardeners would love to receive but would never buy for themselves!

Felco Secateurs, their tagline says it all Swiss Percision – Made to Last

Felco Secateurs are, quite simply the finest pruning tools out there. They are the best that I have ever used and I have been using Felco Secateurs now for over 30 years.

This Felco Gift Pack contains the following:

Felco 2 Secateurs - Felco 2 is the standard bearer of the Felco brand since being launched in 1948. It is the quintessential Felco Secateurs.

Exemplary design, quality material and precision manufacturing in the Felco 2 secateurs provide unique strength and comfort in a pruning product that needs to be used to be fully appreciated.

  • Sturdy Steel Handles
  • All cutting parts made from High Quality Hardened Steel
  • Gives Precise, Clean Cuts
  • All Parts are Replaceable
  • This Felco secateurs is a Tool for Life

Felco 600 Pruning Saw - The Felco Pruning Saw 600 is an indispensable garden pruning saw.

Its size hides its capabilities to safely tackle all kinds of challenging cutting tasks, including large branches easily cutting up to 50mm (2”) in diameter.

Felco 921 Holster -  Its genuine leather construction can hold a pair of FELCO pruning shears and a FELCO folding saw or two pairs of FELCO pruning shears. The two storage pockets make tool selection a pleasure and once attached to your belt by a convenient clip or loop


Felco Secateurs and pruning saws are designed to provide the best in terms of:

  • Ergonomics: offering comfort, lightness and reduced effot in pruning.
  • Replaceable components: precision and identical reproduction to ensure identical components are available
  • Durable components: robust and long-lasting products, from the use of quality materials.


Aimed primarily at professionals, domestic gardeners too can benefit from the quality and excellence of these Swiss made secateurs.

Anyone who enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done must also have access to the best cutting and pruning tools.

FELCO has forever sought to produce very high quality tools by making use of precise procedures, with a single goal in mind: excellence. 

FELCO tools are designed to work in harmony with nature. Pruning professionals, landscape gardeners and designers worldwide appreciate the clean, precise-cutting models because they guarantee the quick healing of the pruning wound.