Felco Lopers Curved Anvil

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The Felco Lopers Curved Anvil (code Felco 0231) is the "go to" tool for heavier pruning jobs in the garden.

The Felco Lopers Curved Anvil has a maximum cutting diameter of 40mm

Felco Lopers Curved Anvil uses lever action with curved anvil for easier cutting.

The Felco Lopers Curved Anvil contains, as you would expect from Felco with its Swiss design and precision manufacturing an extremely, comfortable ergonomic handle.


Felco Lopers Curved Anvil

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Top quality blade designed for maximum efficiency.
  • All cutting parts made from High Quality Hardened Steel
  • Light and compact


Felco Lopers Curved Anvil
  • Rust & weather resistant
  • All parts are replaceable
  • Blades can be removed, sharpened or changed
  • Top of the range garden lopers
  • Ideal for pruning woody branches up to 40mm in diameter
  • The Felco Lopers Curved Anvil is for Professional and Domestic Users


Felco Lopers Curved Anvil

  • It is very important to clean all pruning tools and secateurs after using so that you do not spread disease or infection.
  • Clean and oil blades after use.
  • Oil all moving parts before storing in Winter.