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Fence Slats 65 pcs Solid Wood Spruce

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These wooden fence slats can be used with fence door frame and posts together to form a complete fence gate and will make a decorative barrier for your garden, patio, or terrace.

  • Solid spruce wood: Made of solid spruce wood, these wooden slats are durable and stable.
  • Sturdy frame: When used with a suitable gate frame, the gate slats can be tightly joined to form the slat fencing, increasing rigidity and impact strength.
  • Practical slats: You can use these slats to build a garden barrier or residential fence with a modern look while ensuring your privacy and security.

Good to know:

  • Delivery includes only fence slats; the door frame and posts in the pictures are not included.
  • Material: Solid spruce wood
  • Fence slat size (13 pcs): 80 x 9.6 cm (W x H)
  • Fence slat size (52 pcs): 89 x 9.6 cm (W x H)
  • Fence slat thickness: 1.2 cm
  • Delivery contains:
  • 13 x Fence slat (80 cm)
  • 52 x Fence slat (89 cm)

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This item is delivered directly by our suppliers,Vida XL in Holland

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