Garden4Me Raised Bed

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Garden4Me Raised Bed is a uniquely designed raised bed system ideal for users of all ages and abilities. Wheelchair users can easily access this raised planter and easily engage in some gardening.

Gardening is a great way to engage all the family and nothing is more rewarding than growing your own food

Raised Bed, Garden4me, Raised Planter, Granny and grandson gardening, Gyo,giy, grow your own food, sustainability, organic gardening, vegetable garden, growing vegetables Garden4Me Raised Bed is an Irish designed and Irish manufactured product and nothing is left to chance It's rough texture on the outside of this raised bed, makes it particularly unattractive to and difficult for, slugs to gain access.


It's double-wall design means that it retains heat by the rootzone leading to increased and improved growth.

It has a built in 20 litre reservoir that re-cycles rainwater and  which allows the Garden4Me Raised Bed to act as a self watering unit by using a very clever wick and capillary matting system.    Because of its unique design and in particular the depth of the Garden4Me Raised Bed, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and even peas and beans can be grown in one of these raised bed planters.


Again, due to the clever design, wheelchair gardeners can also get your hands dirty and grow your own food

Wheelchair gardening, wheelchair accessible garden, wheelchair accessible raised bed, Raised Bed, Garden4Me Raised Bed, Accessible gardens, accessible gardening, It comes with a lifetime warranty against rusting or rotting and is maintenance free, requiring only a wipe down clean.
The soil capacity is a massive 240 litres with the Planter measuring 120 x 80 cm. Manufactured from Food Grade polymer, with no harmful chemicals leaching into the soil, the Planter is food safe for growing fruit and vegetables, including deep rooted crops. It is available in a range of colours and takes minutes to assemble with no tools required.
Access to gardening while sitting or standing makes this Raised Garden ideal for all abilities, mobilities and for all ages - children to senior years. You can choose your ideal location, type of garden in the unique, versatile Raised Garden Planter.     Key advantages and features:
  • Built in 20 Litre reservoir
  • Self irrigating
  • 240 Litre soil capacity
  • Manufactured from Food Grade polymer
  • Minutes to assemble with no tools
  • Guaranteed not to rust or rot
  • Double walled construction insulates the soil and extends the growing season, at both ends
  • Series of holes on top surface enables addition of trellis or frame
  • The Garden height prevents Carrot Root Fly
  • Designed and Manufactured in Ireland
  • Delivered direct to your door
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lasts a Lifetime
    Overall Dimensions: Length 120 cm, width 80 cm, height 70 cm.

Have a look at the pics and you will see that you can grow a huge range of plants in a Garden4Me Raised Bed. Everything from bedding and ornamental plants to edibles, including: herbs, veg plants, ornamental plants, Lavender and really any type of plant that you want. (I just love the Lavender growing in the purple planter).

I received my first Garden4Me raised bed a few years back now and have been in love with them ever since, Irish designed and made and a lifetime job, have been growing away happily in them ever since.