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Be prepared for spring 2024 and order your garlic now, and have them delivered from February 2024 just in time for planting

Garlic is supplied in bags of 2

Stocks are very limited this year so do order early

Garlic Carousel Pink: A white soft necked Garlic with medium sized cloves that have a hint of pink and give a fine, sweet, mellow flavour which is delicious when roasted. Early harvesting variety with great storage capabilities.

Garlic Thermidrome: Produces large, good size bulbs that have a white skin and plump, beige cloves. The cloves have a milder flavour than most other varieties and remains well on cooking. A French, soft-necked variety that harvests early and has great all round kitchen use.

Garlic Vigour: A late season, French soft-necked garlic with white and purple skinned bulbs that provide a very strong flavour. As the variety name suggests, on average each bulb will produce between 9 and 18 cloves. Good storage qualities.

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