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Gift Bucket Tulip Peach Blossom

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Gift Bucket Tulip Peach Blossom

Whether you choose to give this beautiful Gift Bucket Tulip Peach Blossom as a gift or keep it all to yourself, it will add such sparkle to the garden in springtime.

Tulip Peach Blossom is a beautiful, double flowering pink/peach Tuip which will flower during April and they look so good in this gift bucket planter. Ideal as a gift or if you cant bear to part with it, keep it for yourself.

Height of Tulip Peach Blossom 30cm
Fill your garden with masses of spring colour with this beautiful Gift Bucket Tulip Peach Blossom which contains all you need to create a beautiful, colourful display in your garden. Each Gift Bucket Tulip Peach Blossom contains
  • Attractive bucket planter
  • 5 x Tulip Peach Blossom bulbs
  • Growing media in which to grow the Tulip bulbs


Plant from September to December for blooms from December to April

Directions for Gift Bucket Tulip Peach Blossom
  • Plant outdoors anytime from September to January
  • Empty the compost into the bucket, holding some back to cover the Tulip bulbs
  • Place the Tulip Peach Blossom bulbs on the compost and cover with about 10cm of compost
  • Firm down the compost and water in well
  • Sit back and let Nature do her best and you will enjoy beautiful double pink Tulip blooms during spring