Gouldings Rose Food

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Roses are hungry feeders and I have found that they flower very well if fed with Gouldings Rose Food. There are many rose foods out there but in my experience I have found Gouldings Rose Food to be the one that gives me the healthiest roses with best blooms

Quite simply the more that you feed roses the better they will perform with more and better quality blooms.

Gouldings Rose Food

Can be used on all roses: bush, rambler, climber, patio and ground cover

Can also be used on other flowering shrubs in the garden

Contains all the nutrients to promote plenty of flowers plus added Magnesium for increased vitality

Rich in Amino acids

Can be used as a root drench/soil feed or as a foliar feed

Mix 10ml of Gouldings Rose Food (Bottle top acts as a measure) with 4.5 litres of water. Contains enough for 200 feeds

Gouldings Rose Food is a traditional name in Irish Gardening and I am happy to say that this Gouldings Rose Food is still made in Ireland.

Supplied in a 1 litre bottle