Large Vegepod

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All Large Vegepod Purchased this month will receive FREE OF CHARGE - a winter cover (RRP €35) - polythene fitted cover that turns the vegepod into a sealed greenhouse for seed and cutting propagation 

Whether your growing vegetables, herbs, plants or fruit, the Large Vegepod is the perfect solution for you.  

Make your home more self-sustaining and introduce your kids to the wonder of growing food at home with this ultimate, raised bed type growing system.

The Vegepod is an award winning innovative product designed in Australia.

Maintenance is minimal and regular watering is only needed during the early stages of plant growth. 

Simply connect a garden hose and the self-watering technology waters the plants from below, with a clever wicking system.

Plants can last weeks without watering in our Vegepods and this can reduce water usage by 80%. 


The Large Vegepod is ideal for:

  • Growing your own food during each of the 12 months
  • Organic gardening
  • Rapid growth of produce due to the unique environment created by the enviromesh canopy
  • Protection from pests, wildlife and damaging weather
  • Raising your plants to the ideal gardening height (80cm)Large Vegepod, Vegepod, Raised Bed, Grow your Own Food, Edible plants, GIY, GYO,

 The Large Vegepod is also ideal for wheelchair gardeners as the beds are raised on a stand 80cm above the ground. 

Everything that you could need to create the perfect growing unit for plants is included thanks to the unique Vegepod design.

  • All materials are certified safe for using with edible plants,
  • Unique Self-Watering system
  • Enviromesh canopy to keep pests out and heat in, meaning plants can grow up to 50% quicker than those uncovered

The Large Vegepod comes with a strong steel stand which allows for pain free gardening at waist height (80cm).
Made of sturdy galvanised and powder-coated steel, the stands are weatherproof, study and will last for years.

  • Growing your own food in a Vegepod allows you to control the growing media that goes into it, for example if you want to grow carrots, parsnips and other root crops you can ensure that the soil is stone free and sandy, ideal for these plants.
  • In the vegepod you can provide good drainage for the plants within.
  • It’s not just for fruit and vegetable gardeners. Ornamental plants will also thrive in a Vegepod
  • Maintenance of your horticultural beauties is much easier in a Vegepod as you are not stooping to get to the weeds, believe me it’s a long time since my fingers have seen my toes and to keep gardening from becoming a chore such tasks as weeding, pruning, dead heading and harvesting can all be made easier by raising the plants in a Vegepod.

All vegepods come with the following (delivered in two boxes - easy to assemble like lego):

  1. Vegepod unit - 1 foot of growing depth - all materials are food safe and perfect for organic gardening
  1. Galvanized steel frame to sit the pod on which is powder coated to avoid rusting. Standard pod stand and wheelable trolly - stronger stand with lockable wheels
  1. Enviromesh canopy with integrated watering / misting unit and hose fittings - simply connect your hose or auto watering timer - mesh keeps out the pests

Large Vegepod:

Product Dimensions:
 200cm / 78in (L) X 100cm / 39in (W)
Growing Depth: 26cm
Height: 103cm
Compost required: 450L compost. 

Vegepod 2 year guarantee, Cover 1 year guarantee