Lawn Gold

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Lawn Gold Classic is the first part of the lawncare plan each year.

This, Lawn Gold is an organic based, environmentally sound lawncare product

Apply a dressing of Lawn Gold Classic between March and May which will:

  • Deliver the correct nutrient mix to the root zone for early season growth
  • Maintain the correct soil pH which is a pH at which moss cannot grow.

And here's the best bit:

  • The moss wont die and turn black leading to back breaking raking out - NO
  • It disintegrates and turns to dust, becoming valuable humus in the soil.

Maintain the standard by a further application of  Lawn Gold Summer Green between June and August

and follow up in late autumn with an application of Lawn Gold WInter Protect.

This 3 Step approach over the year will:

  • Deliver the correct nutrient balance at the correct time of the year,
  • Maintain the optimum pH for grass growth which means
  • Moss has no opportunity to get a foothold.

 Lawn Gold reduces the level of work needed to care for your lawn

Lawn Gold is environmentally sound

Lawn Gold ensures your lawn get the correct nutrients during each month of the year

Lawn Gold leads to an increase in the level of soil microorganisms and earthworm activity.

Lawn Gold is a slow release Lawn fertiliser

This product ways 7.5kg, will cover up to 400 square metres and is supplied in a 100% Recyclable bag.