Le Jardinier Crocus Growing Set

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Create a beautiful spring floral display in a pot using this Le Jardinier Crocus Growing Set on your patio or outside your door. you can even keep it indoors to bring a taste of the garden inside during late winter and early spring


Le Jardinier Crocus Growing Set - Whats Included:

  • Stunning gift planter. 
  • Ideal for brightening patio areas.
  • Comes with everything you need to spring flowering Woodland bulbs.
  • Contains 7 beautiful spring flowering Crocus bulbs


Planting Instructions:

Plant bulbs from August – December for flowers from March – April.

  1. Fill the planter with growing medium.
  2. Keep a little compost back to cover the bulbs.
  3. Space the bulbs evenly around the planter and push them down so they are 8-10cm deep.
  4. Cover the bulbs over with the remaining compost.
  5. Water to ensure the compost is moist.
  6. Place in a cool location for 12 weeks.


  • Bulbs can be stored to be planted again next year.
  • Remove any spent blooms and allow the foliage to die back naturally.
  • Cut back any excess foliage and dry the bulbs out on a sheet of newspaper for 48hrs.
  • Bulbs can then be stored in paper bags or nets in a cool dry place. Only store healthy bulbs.
  • Bulbs can be re-planted from September.