Lilium White Triumphator

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Lilium White Triumphator will fill your garden with large, pure white, trumpet shaped, outward facing flowers which are strongly scented.

  • Lilium White Triumphator will reach a height of about 1.5m
  • These Lilium White Triumphator are supplied individually
  • I have an article in my blog here on the Regal Lily, which will also be relevant to the Lilium White Triumphator Lily. If you want to read more click on this link
  • Plant from December to April for flowering between June and September.
  • TheseLilium White Triumphator Bulbs are great size bulbs, supplied at 18cm 
  • The Lilium White Triumphator will reach a height of 1.5m with masses of scented, pure white flowers
  • All the Lily bulbs that I have for sale are top quality and size and all come packaged in compostable or recycled/recyclable packaging.
  • All my bulbs and tubers are delivered to me loose, in bulk timber crates so that there is no plastic packaging or waste created.