Lily Of The Valley

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Lily Of The Valley, more correctly referred to as Convallaria majalis is one of those plants that sends me right back to my childhood.

It grew in my parents garden when I was growing up and was loved by my mother. Once established, a clump of Lily of the Valley will be with you forever.

Masses of pure white, simple and strongly flowers are produced which combine beautifully with the pale green foliage.


These Lily Of The Valley Roots are supplied in packets of 3

Plant Lily of the Valley roots in a good, fertile soil in a sunny or semi-shaded position.

Plant the Lily of the Valley roots about 5-10cm below the ground and to establish a clump more quickly, plant several roots together, leaving about 10-15cm between plants

Convallaria majalis will grow to about 15cm in height, flowering from April - June

For best results, feed regularly with the organic plant food, Nature Safe Atlantic Seaweed Liquid Feed.

All my perennial plants are supplied as "bare roots". This means that they are not potted and will need to be potted or planted when you receive them.

All my perennial roots are supplied to me loose in timber crates or cardboard boxes and my packaging is all paper and cardboard so that no plastic is used in the packaging of these perennial roots