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  • Low Timber Raised Bed - The Irish Gardener Store
  • Low Timber Raised Bed - The Irish Gardener Store
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Low Timber Raised Bed

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Low Timber Raised Bed Dimmensions  150x90x14.5cm

Due to the current unprecedented demand for all things gardening and in particular Raised Beds, there will be a 3 WEEK DELIVERY TIME on RAISED BEDS. 

If we can get them out sooner, we certainly will, but please be aware before you purchase any raised bed that it will be up to 3 WEEKS before you receive your delivery.

Thank you for your support and your understanding, we are working as hard as we can to satisfy all customers, Peter Dowdall

Raise your plants off the ground and contain them with our Low Timber Raised Bed

These are 14.5cm high and thus half the height of our Tall Timber Raised Beds allowing you more room for soil/compost and meaning that you have less bending over.

Growing in a Low Timber Raised Bed is a great way to grow many both edible and ornamental plants.

it was believed in times gone by that plants performed better in timber raised beds as they were closer to the sun and to God. What is certainly true is that many plants do better in beds that are elevated.

Again there are several reasons for using Low Timber Raised Beds:

  • The plants are that bit closer to the sun and therefore warmer.
  • By creating a raised bed you can control the growing media that goes into it, for example if you want to grow carrots, parsnips and other root crops you can ensure that the soil is stone free and sandy, ideal for these plants.
  • Also by raising the bed high enough you can ensure that the carrot fly cannot get at the plants.
  • In a raised bed you can provide good drainage for the plants within.

It’s not just for fruit and vegetable gardeners. Ornamental plants will also thrive in Low Timber Raised Beds.

Maintenance of your horticultural beauties is much easier in a raised bed, tasks such as weeding, pruning, dead heading etc can all be made easier by raising the plants in a low timber raised bed.

Low Timber Raised Bed - Details

Material: 0.85 Inch (22mm) Treated Timber Sections

  • Irish Made From Irish Grown Spruce
  • FSC Certified Timber Sourced Within Ireland
  • Treated Using Tanalith E
    • With Added BARamine™ Technology
    • Safe for Environment, Plants & Food
    • Protects Against Rot, Mold & Wood Borne Insects
  • Packaging: Flat Packed
  • Base Not Included
  • All Fixings Included
  • Power Drill or Electric Screwdriver required for Assembly

Low Timber Raised Bed - How to Assemble

  • Requires basic hand drill to assemble
  • Using a drill, fix the corner posts provided to each end of both long sections
    • Use one post for each end
    • Repeat process for the second long section
  • Next line up the short sections with the long sections creating the rectangular bed shape
  • Ensure that the sections are at a right angle & level with each other
  • Using the drill, fix the short sections to the long sections by drilling screws provided into the post already fixed to the long sections
  • Repeat until all corners have been joined together
  • Fill beds with soil (400 litres)