Madonna Lily

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Lilium candidum, known as the Madonna Lily is truly a sight to behold. The Madonna Lily produces large, white trumpet shaped flowers which are strongly scented.

  • Lillium candidum will reach a height of about 1.8m
  • These Madonna Lilies are supplied individually
  • I have an article in my blog here on the Regal Lily, which will also be relevant to the Madonna Lily. If you want to read more click on this link
  • Plant from December to April for flowering between June and September.
  • These Madonna Lily Bulbs are really super sized bulbs, supplied at 24cm 
  • The Madonna Lily will reach a height of 1.8m with masses of scented, pure white flowers
  • All the Madonna Lily, Lilium candidum bulbs that I have for sale are top quality and size and all come packaged in compostable or recycled/recyclable packaging.
  • All my bulbs and tubers are delivered to me loose, in bulk timber crates so that there is no plastic packaging or waste created.