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Maincrop Seed Potatoes

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Be prepared for spring 2024 and order your seed potatoes now for delivery in February/March 2024, just in time for planting

Please Note: These are a pre season item and as such, if you are ordering other items  along with the pre season Seed Potatoes, all will be delivered with the seed potatoes

Starting off seed potatoes with the first earlies during early spring through to Second Earlies  and Main Crop Seed Potatoes will ensure that you are harvesting your own, freshest of home grown food throughout the summer and into autumn.

Maincrop Seed Potatoes are the most popular varieties and although they take up the most space in the garden they are the best potato varieties to store.

The traditional planting time for Maincrop Seed Potatoes is anytime after St Patrick's Day, 17th March and these can be harvested 18–20 weeks after planting (August through to late September).

Maincrop Seed Potatoes are ready 15–16 weeks after planting.

Maincrop Seed Potatoes varieties available: Click on the drop-down above to select your chosen variety

Main crop Seed Potatoes:

  • Arran Victory- This 'Heritage Variety' potato was first introduced in 1918 to help celebrate the end of World War One. Tall weed suppressing foliage produces a moderately high yield of Blue-Purple, smooth skinned oval tubers with very bright white floury flesh that is full of flavour.
  • Cara - Extremely high yielding and vigorous variety that produces uniform, white skinned, short oval tubers with red eyes. A very popular and versatile potato within the kitchen for it's floury, sweet, mild flavoured cream flesh. Excellent disease and drought resistance and it's strong, bushy foliage prevents wind damage. Superb for baking. 
  • Desiree - An old favourite variety to grow because of it's resistance to drought, numerous tubers and early bulking capabilities. A kitchen essential for cooks with it's large, long oval tubers and distinguished red skins that have a floury, light-yellow flesh. A great all rounder but especially perfect for creamy tasting mash that has a unique taste. Perfect to grow in poor, heavy, clay-like soils. 
  • Dunbar Standard - A high yielding potato variety that grows particularly well in heavy soils with tall, vigorous foliage. This variety produces long, oval shaped tubers that have a bold, white skin and a cream, strong, earthy flavoured white flesh. They make particularly good jacket potatoes.
  • Golden Wonder - My favourite Maincrop and one of the most popular. A 'Heritage Potato' variety first introduced in 1906 that still remains popular today due to it's very floury texture making it superb for baking, roasting or frying. Long oval tubers with a thick russet coloured skin and cream flesh provide a very rich flavour which intensifies upon storage.  
  • Kerrs PInk - One of the most popular of all. Pink skin and floury flesh. Short oval pink skinned tubers with cream flesh that has a very floury texture. Excellent for mash, roast and baking. Traditionally they are cooked with their skins left on.
  • King Edward - One of the oldest varieties of potato still grown commercially today. It is believed that this 'Heritage Potato' varieties introduction coincided with the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902 and as so was named to commemorate this occasion. Numerous tubers per plant are produced of pink blushed, cream skinned oval potatoes with a cream floury flesh. A kitchen essential for roast potatoes to any cook as they are renowned for their light, fluffy texture that gives rise to a strong, aromatic flavour.
  • Maris Piper - The most widely grown and best known variety of Main Crop potatoes. A great variety for beginners to grow and suitable for storage. High yielding with many tubers per plant of cream skinned oval tubers that have a cream, floury textured flesh. A kitchen essential for any cook being a versatile all rounder and having a good, mild flavour. Superb for chips. 
  • Pentland Dell - This potato variety has a strong resistance against slugs and produces large white skinned tubers with a creamy-white flesh that has a firm but floury texture. Particularly suited for chips but can also bake well.
  • Record - Oval, yellow potatoes, floury in texture. This classic floury textured potato variety is a popular choice amongst the crisp industry due to it's high dry matter. A yellow skinned potato with yellow flesh that has a great all round use in the kitchen. Use particularly for crisping and frying.
  • Sarpo Mira - The most widely known and the highest resistant to blight variety from the 'Sarpo Family'. The 'potato of choice' for organic growers with their ability to grow well in a wide range of soils. Deep roots allow drought tolerance and tall weed suppressing foliage produce huge yields of long oval, pink skinned tubers that have a floury textured white flesh emitting a strong, aromatic potato taste. A good all round use in the kitchen but perfect for baking and mash. Excellent long term storage potential.
  • Setanta - Irish developed Blight Resistant variety. Beautiful pink skin and yellow flesh with a good pest and disease resistance
  • Rooster – Red skinned variety with yellow flesh. A floury potato, good for baking, roasting, boiling, mashing and chipping.
  • Kelly - A new blight resistant form with good pest and disease resistance. Floury texture

All seed potatoes varieties are supplied in recycled/recyclabe and compostable packaging. All my seed potatoes are delivered to me loos in hessian bags and so no plastic packaging is used in the supply of these seed potatoes


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