Meadow Garden Mix Shaker Box

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Create the ultimate wildflower meadow with this Meadow Garden Mix Shaker Box

Presented in a beautiful Cardboard Seed Shaker, this will make a perfect gift as well as being a very handy seed shaker

Covers up to 35 square metres

Contains approx 15g wildflower seed and 190g of Bran carrier

Meadow Garden Mix wants a soil which is very low in nutrients so don’t apply any fertiliser before sowing Wildflower Seed Mix.

The best months to sow your Meadow Garden Mix are March-April and September October.

Seed Mix - Whats included in your Meadow Garden Mix Shaker Box, Wildflower Seed Mix: 

The varieties contained within this Meadow Mix, Wildflower seed mixture:

Contains wildflower seed mixture and spreading agent to ensure seeds are evenly spread. The varieties contained within this mixture are Adonis Summer Pheasant's-eye, Calendula Pot Marigold Pacific Beauty, Centaurea Cornflower, Cosmos, Godetia Grandiflora, Gypsophila, Iberis Annual Candytuft, Matthiola Stock Night Scented, Nigella Miss Jekyll, Poppy, Agrostemma Corn Cockle, Zinnia, Callistephus China Aster, Ammi Majus Bishop's Flower & Silene Pendula Nodding Catchfly.

*Varieties can be replaced due to seasonal circumstances. Only sow wildflower seeds outdoors after last frost or before first frost, frost will damage seed growth and stop germination

Pictures are illustrative only and whilst I have made every attempt to ensure that they represent what is in each mixture, they are not definitively accurate as to what is included in each mixture


Contains approx 15g wildflower seed and 190g of Bran carrier