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Nijer Seed Feeder

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This Nijer Seed Feeder is designed for feeding Nijer Seed to wild birds, which will attract a wide range of birds to your garden

This hanging Nijer Seed Feeder can be hung from a bird table, a wall bracket, a feeding station or even a tree.

This Nijer Seed Feeder is 20cm high

  • Material: Mix of Clear & Green Plastic with Metal Hanging Hook 
  • Shape: Tubular with Two Perches for feeding 
  • Easy Fill With Lid 
  • Brand: Woodland 
  • Dimensions (HxDia) :23cm x 7cm 

Bird Feeder (Nyjer Seeds) - Uses 

  • Goldfinches love nyjer seed & so do a range of other small birds including 

o Siskins, Greenfinches & Chaffinches 

  • Can also attract Common Redpolls, Nuthatches, Chickadees & Woodpeckers 
  • Nyjer seed is a great way of introducing a range of different birds into the garden 

Bird Feeder (Nyjer Seeds) - Advantages 

  • Suitable for nyjer seeds, thistle or teazel seeds 
  • Includes wild bird care guide 
  • Twist lock lid makes refilling & cleaning very easy 
  • Fine holes throughout feeder allow small birds access the nyjer seed 

Advice on Using Bird Feeders 

  • This feeder should be hung out of the reach of potential predators 
  • Ensure that the feed used is suitable for wild birds 
  • Do not allow the feed to go moldy in the feeder 

• Wash with warm soapy water & rinse with clean water