Paeony Duchesse De Nemours

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Paeony Duchesse De Nemours is the ultimate white Paeony Rose.


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Paeonies, also referred to as Paeony Rose are hugely symbolic in the East are widely grown in Ireland and the UK for their incredibly showy blooms.

Paeony Duchesse De Nemours will grow to between 50cm and 1 metre in height and may need staking. Allow up to 1 metre around each plant for it to spread.

 Loved as both a garden flower and as a cut flower Paeony Duchesse De Nemours is strongly fragrant


These Paeony roots can be planted between November - April either into pots or the open ground using a good quality, humus rich soil or compost.

For best results, feed regularly with the organic plant food, Nature Safe Atlantic Seaweed Liquid Feed.

All my perennial plants are supplied as "bare roots". This means that they are not potted and will need to be potted or planted when you receive them.

All my perennial Plant roots are supplied to me loose in timber crates or cardboard boxes and my packaging is all paper and cardboard so that no plastic is used in the packaging of these perennial roots