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  • Peter's Pom Pom Dahlia Mixture - The Irish Gardener Store
  • Peter's Pom Pom Dahlia Mixture - The Irish Gardener Store
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Peter's Pom Pom Dahlia Mixture

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A mixture of some of my favourite, premium quality pom pom Dahlia tubers

This mixture of Pom Pom Dahlias will give masses of various colours, all summer long in perfectly formed rounded blooms.

Each Pom Pom Dahlia mixture contains 5 tubers

These are top quality tubers, guaranteed to produce fantastic quality plants and blooms

Pom Pom Dahlias will reach between 70cm and 1 metre in height and are very free flowering.

Grow Peter's Pom Pom Dahlia Mixture in full sun and in a well drained soil. 

The flowers of Peter's Pom Pom Dahlia Mixture are mixed colours.

Can be grown equally well in pots or in the open ground

All Dahlias are tuberous, herbaceous perennials meaning that they will die back for the winter though they do keep flowering right into early winter when they eventually will succumb to the frosts.

They will thrive if planted in a humus rich, well drained soil in a position of full sun and shelter from high winds. They can be grown and enjoyed in pots or the open ground.

 Have a look at this video where I show you just how easy it is to start off Dahlias and Begonias in pots

All the Dahlias that I supply are delivered in recycled/recyclable or compostable packaging.

All my Dahlia tubers are supplied to me loose in timber crates so that there is no plastic used and dumped in the supply of these Dahlia tubers.


Please Note: These are a pre season item (due for delivery March 2023) and as such, if you are ordering other items  along with the pre season items, all will be delivered together 


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Within Ireland, all my deliveries are made by An Post Courier service. Soon, all their vehicles will be electric vehicles and thus, the use of fossil fuels is hugely reduced in the delivery of my orders within Ireland. Packaging, where possible is completely compostable.