Petunias in a Bucket

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Whether you choose to give it as a gift or keep it all to yourself, these Petunias in a Bucket will make a magnificent floral impact.
Fill your garden with masses of colour and scent with this beautiful Petunias in a Bucket gift set which contains all you need to create a beautiful, colourful and scented display in your garden.
Each Petunias in a Bucket Set contains
  • Attractive bucket planter
  • Sachet of Petunia Seeds
  • Growing media in which to grow the Petunia Seeds
Directions for Petunias in a Bucket
  • Sow Petunia Seeds indoors from January
  • Empty the compost into the bucket, holding a small amount back to cover the seeds
  • Place the Petunia Seeds on the compost, spacing evenly.
  • Lightly cover the Petunia Seeds with the remaining compost 
  • Firm down the compost and water in well
  • Place the planter in a warm place and keep moist
  • Once Petunia seedlings appear, keep watering and move to a more sunny position
  • In April/May as the temperatures increase, "harden off" the seedling plants by moving outdoors for a few hours each day and after a week you can leave outside once risk of frost has passed.