Red Hot Chili Kit

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Complete seed starter kit for super spicy chilli peppers throughout summer.This Red Hot Chili Kit is a complete seed starter kit, containing everything that you need to grow your own super spicy Chili Pepper plantsHeight up to 40cm.

Each Red Hot Chili Kit contains

  • 6 x Packets of Chilli Seeds
  • 6 x Plant Labels
  • 6 x Compostable and biodegradable plant pots
  • 1 x Plastic Plant Propagator tray and lid
  • 1 x bag of compost 
  • 1 x Mini Growing Guide


Growing Instructions for Red Hot Chili Kit

  • Sow indoors from February to May. 
  • Germination can take 21-28 days, so don't panic if you dont see instant results. 
  • Fill each pot with compost and dampen the compost
  • Place 3 seeds per pot and very lightly cover the seed with some compost
  • Moisten the compost lightly using a hand sprayer not a watering can.
  • Place the pots with seeds into the propagator and cover with the lid.
  • Compost should be misted to keep it moist to touch but be careful not to over-water
  • When the seedlings have 2 or more pairs of leaves they can be re-potted individually into larger pots and placed in a sunny position
  • When all risk of frost has passed you can harden the chili plants off by moving them outside for a few hours each day for 5- days before leaving them outside.
  • They can, of course be kept inside during the summer if you wish and they may do better indoors particularly if the summer weather isn't wonderful!
  • If you are planting them in beds outdoors then allow 30-40cm spacing between plants


The earlier in the season that you sow the seed then the hotter the flavour will be at harvest time.

Always use a scissors to harvest to avoid damaging the plant.