Red Trailing Begonia

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One of the highlights of the summer and autumn garden. These Red Trailing Begonias or Cascading Begonias can be planted out during the spring and early summer for masses of blooms during summer and autumn.

These Red Trailing Begonias or Cascading Begonias  are supplied individually

Red Trailing Begonias or also referred to as Cascading Begonias are one of the best plants to use for masses of summer colour in hanging baskets, window boxes and other containers for they have a very long flowering period, blooming right into the autumn and they are quite forgiving in terms of drying out or coping with too much rain. 

Growing Trailing Begonias from tubers is very straightforward and sooo rewarding!!! Have a look at this video below for a few tips.

All the Red Trailing Begonias that I have for sale are top quality and size and all come packaged in compostable or recycled/recyclable packaging.

All my bulbs and tubers are delivered to me loose, in bulk timber crates so that there is no plastic packaging or waste created.

 Have a look at the pics below to see the size and quality of the tubers, much bigger and better quality than what you will find in prepacks