Rhubarb Crowns

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These Rhubarb crowns, also called Rhubarb stools are the variety Goliath, which produces thick stems of good quality, red stems in mid-season.

  • Rhubarb will grow in most, fertile soils,
  • These Rhubarb crowns are supplied individually
  • Grow in a sunny position. 
  • Add well rotted farm yard manure or compost when planting rhubarb crowns
  • Plant Rhubarb crowns about 20cm deep and up to 1 metre between Rhubarb plants
  • I have found Rhubarb to be one of those plants that does better the more you feed it so mulch with compost, manure or seaweed during the winter months.
  • Lifting and dividing your Rhubarb crowns every 5 or 6 years will help to reinvigorate your Rhubarb plants and replacing with new plants every 4 or 5 years will also help to ensure a good continuity of produce
  • Feed Rhubarb Goliath during the growing season with the organic and vegan Nature Safe Atlantic Seaweed Liquid Feed.