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Second Earlies Seed Potatoes

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Be prepared for spring 2024 and order your seed potatoes now, and have them delivered early in 2024 just in time for planting

Stocks are very limited this year so do order early

Please Note: These are a pre season item and as such, if you are ordering other items  along with the pre season Seed Potatoes, all will be delivered with the seed potatoes

Starting off seed potatoes with the first earlies during early spring through to Second Earlies Seed Potatoes and Main Crop will ensure that you are harvesting your own, freshest of home grown food throughout the summer and into autumn.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your garden for Seed Potatoes then you should concentrate on the First and Second Earlies Seed Potatoes types because they can be planted closer together (30–40 cm apart in rows that are approx 40–50 cm apart) and are less likely to suffer from blight and other disease.

Second Earlies Seed Potatoes are ready 15–16 weeks after planting.

Second Earlies Seed Potatoes varieties available: 

  • British Queens - One of the most popular of all. Full of flavour, floury texture, this 'Heritage Potato' is 125 years old and is widely grown for it's good yields, shape and delicious flavour. Short oval white skinned tubers with a white, floury texture will give rise to exceptional roast potatoes. A great general purpose potato in the kitchen. 
  • Charlotte - Excellent salad type new potato with good blight resistance. This 'classic' salad potato with their enticing fresh flavour are a kitchen essential for any cook. Numerous long, oval cream skinned tubers with a firm but waxy light-yellow flesh are delicious served either hot or cold.  Excellent when boiled as they hold their shape well or used in salads.
  • Nicola - Produces numerous long oval tubers with a cream skin and a waxy textured medium-yellow flesh with a mild, buttery flavour. They have excellent boiling qualities so are ideal cooked as either boiled new potatoes or eaten with salads. Can be eaten either hot or cold, with or without skins. Great for growing in pots and containers.
  • Purple Rain - A purple skinned potato with a firm textured, purple flesh that has a enjoyable flavour. A great all round potato in the kitchen but ideal boiled or steamed. Good storage qualities.

All seed potatoes varieties are supplied in recycled/recyclabe and compostable packaging. All my seed potatoes are delivered to me loos in hessian bags and so no plastic packaging is used in the supply of these seed potatoes



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Within Ireland, all my deliveries are made by An Post Courier service. Soon, all their vehicles will be electric vehicles and thus, the use of fossil fuels is hugely reduced in the delivery of my orders within Ireland. Packaging, where possible is completely compostable.