Slug Gone - Wool Pellets

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Slug Gone - Wool Pellets for Organic Control of Slugs

Vitax Slug Gone - Wool Pellets are an ideal method of Organic Slug Control

Volume: 1 litre or 3.5 Litres

Vitax Slug Gone - Wool Pellets Control and Prevent Slugs and snails from attacking crops and plants by creating an organic barrier between your plants and the slugs.

As they absorb moisture, they create a felt-like surface which, in turn absorbs moisture in slugs - preventing them from crossing the surface

The wool pellets also contain an abrasive material which further irritates the slugs

This creates a 100% natural barrier


These, Wool Pellets for Organic Control of Slugs are Soil Association Approved & Certified

Slug Gone - Wool Pellets are a natural and safe control against slugs & snails

They will prevent damage to all your vegetable seedlings and plants and any ornamental plants which are susceptible to slug and snail damage.

Suitable for use on all edible crops & ornamentals

They can even be used in baskets, pots and tubs to protect your summer colour plants

Slug Gone - Advantages

  • Available in 2 sizes - 1litre and 3.5litre
  • Comes at a great price
  • Will cover larger crop areas
  • Organic & natural
  • Safe around children, pets & edible crops
  • Organic certified
  • Also acts as a mulch - retaining soil moisture
  • They don't dissolve in the rain
  • As they break down, they release valuable nutrients, which are essential for plant growth, into the soil


Slug Gone - How They Work

  • Scatter pellets around plants in a 10cm wide band
  • Water the pellets in
  • Pellets absorb the water & expand
  • This creates a 100% natural barrier
  • The fibres will break down into
  • Nitrogen
  • Potassium
  • Sulphur
  • Trace elements