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Feed the Soil Not the Plant - Soil Renew functions in a natural way, harnessing nature to achieve a healthy soil which will in turn produce healthy plants.

If a plant is growing in healthy soil then it wont need any further treatment or fertilising.

This organic soil conditioner, Soil Renew is quite simply outstanding in what it does for the soil and is the best product that I can recommend you add to the soil in your garden.

It's a back to basics approach to feeding the soil and as a result of working with nature the results can be quite staggering to witness.

I first used this product several years ago and after seeing the difference it made to the plants where I used it, I now insist on using it on all my planting projects at time of planting and as a top dressing for any existing plants which may be struggling.

Plants which are growing in poor soil will struggle and never thrive. This results in weaker plants which are more susceptible to pest and disease problems

Soil Renew contains organic plant matter and micro organisms which will create increased humus in the soil.

All good soils rely on a healthy amount of organic matter and humus. This increases nutrient value, improves soil structure along with improving the nutrient and water retention ability of the soil.

Soil Renew 

  • maintains optimum soil pH
  • increases earthworm activity and population which convert organic matter to valuable humus along with improving drainage and aeration in the soil
  • Helps plant roots develop quickly and deeply
  • Helps plants to develop resistance to drought as the root systems are stronger
  • Leads to more disease resistance in plants
  • Volume: 1.5Kg
  • Coverage: 30m2
  • 1.5Kg of Soil Renew Creates as Much Organic Matter as ½ Tonne of Farm Yard Manure
  • 100% Certified Organic
  • Encourages Better Soil Health
  • Ensures Better Plant Growth, Soil Bio-diversity & Wild Life Preservation

When and How to Use Soil Renew:

  • Soil Renew should be applied to soil pre-planting and once each year thereafter. 
  • Apply Soil Renew when the temperature is above  8°C and the weather is neither too wet nor too dry.
  • It can be spread on the surface of lawns, flower beds, vegetable and fruit beds, anywhere that you have plants growing
  • Don't dig it in, simply scatter it by hand and let Mother Nature take care of the rest.

The following rates are how Soil Renew should be applied:

  • Vegetables: 50g per m2
  • Flowers: 80g per m2
  • Hedging & Trees: 50 - 80g per m2
  • Lawns: 30 - 50g per m2
  • Indoor Plants: 8 - 10 pellets per plant