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Squirrel House

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Can there be any nicer garden visitor than a beautiful red squirrel?

Encourage them to take up residence in your garden by giving them a nice, safe, warm and cosy home.

Promoting biodiversity in your garden and encouraging garden wildlife and birds to your garden not only makes your garden a more attractive place in which to be but it also helps to maintain and restore that most important element of all, the Natural Balance.

By ensuring a good diversity of garden wildlife species in your garden you will ensure that there will never be an unnatural build up of any one species.

This Hanging Squirrel House will provide a safe place of refuge for squirrels in your garden.

  • Includes Wire Hanger for Positioning in Trees
  • Includes Perspex Door Flap to Keep Squirrel Warm & Cosy When Inside
  • Dimensions (D x H x L): 16.5 x 16.5 x 25.5cm
  • Colour: Natural Timber
  • No Assembly Required
  • Position your Squirrel House in trees & hedging to attract squirrels into your garden
  • This is an attractive squirrel house which makes a lovely garden ornament
  • It is very popular with schools & wildlife enthusiasts
  • Help to protect our endangered red squirrel
  • Squirrels will eat bird food in bird feeders and so if you provide them with their own food in their very own Squirrel House then they won’t go on the hunt and steal from your bird feeders.
  • Hazelnuts are most popular with red squirrels but they will also love peanuts, linseed, pinenuts, wheat and apples
  • Position your squirrel house as high as possible to protect them from predators