Terracotta Chili Trio Grow Set

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Complete seed starter kit for super spicy chilli peppers throughout summer.This Terracotta Chili Trio Grow Set is a complete seed starter kit, containing everything that you need to grow your own super spicy Chili Pepper plantsHeight up to 40cm.

Each Terracotta Chili Trio Grow Set contains

  • 3 x Packets of Chilli Seeds
  • 30 x Terracotta plant pots
  • Compost  

Chili seed varieties: Thai Cayenne, Habanero Chili, Naga Bhut Jolokia Chili

Growing Instructions for Terracotta Chili Trio Grow Set

  • Sow indoors from February to May. 
  • Germination can take 21-28 days, so don't panic if you don't see instant results. 
  • Fill each pot with compost and dampen the compost
  • Sow seeds evenly on compost surface and press them lightly into the compost
  • Moisten the compost lightly using a hand sprayer not a watering can.
  • Cover the pots with a plastic bag to create humidity
  • Compost should be misted to keep it moist to touch but be careful not to over-water
  • When the seedlings emerge, remove plastic bag, water and turn pot regularly
  • The Chili Plants can, of course be kept inside during the summer if you wish and they may do better indoors particularly if the summer weather isn't wonderful! 

The earlier in the season that you sow the seed then the hotter the flavour will be at harvest time.

Always use a scissors to harvest to avoid damaging the plant.