Terrarium Starter Kit

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Terrarium Starter Kit

Contains all you need to get started in the wonderful world of Terrariums. 

Does Not Contain a Terrarium, rather all you need to create the growing conditions in a Terrarium. 

Create your own little biosphere with this fantastic value, Terrarium Starter Kit

First, find a suitable glass container as a Terrarium and then this kit has all you need to get you started.

Quick start, just add your own plants and container.. Great value when compared to buying individual materials.

*Live plants and Container not included.


  • Moss (Reindeer Moss, Forest Moss & Lichen),
  • Potting Soil Blended with Activated Charcoal,
  • Gardening Vermiculite,
  • Plant Food,
  • Finishing Tool,
  • Miniature Dinos Build & care - includes a natural hair brush finishing tool, plus helpful tips on building the perfect terrarium or planter