Tomato Bucket Grow Set - Cherry Tomato

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You might want to keep this Tomato Bucket Grow Set - Cherry Tomato for yourself if you are a lover of fresh, home-grown food. Alternatively it will make a great gift for anyone who likes to grow their own food. Even if you or the person you are giving it to has never grown their own before, this Tomato Bucket Grow Set - Cherry Tomato contains all that you will need. Tomato Bucket Grow Set - Cherry Tomato contains
  • Attractive bucket planter
  • Sachet of Tomato Seeds
  • Growing media in which to grow the Tomato Seeds
Directions for Tomato Bucket Grow Set - Cherry Tomato
  • Sow indoors from March
  • Empty the compost into the bucket, holding a small amount back to cover the Tomato seeds
  • Place the Tomato seeds on the compost, spacing evenly.
  • Cover the Tomato seeds with the remaining compost 
  • Firm down the compost and water in well
  • Place the planter in a warm place and keep moist
  • Cover the bucket with a plastic bag to create humidity.
  • Once Tomato seedlings appear, keep watering and move to a more sunny position
  • I would advise keeping the Tomato plants indoors for best results.
  • However you can move them outside during the summer if you wish.