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  • TopBuxus Healthmix 10 tablet
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TopBuxus Health Mix

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Topbuxus Health Mix, created by Europe's top Box grower, is the perfect product to keep any box plant blight and disease-free.

By incorporating a powerful "tonic" with key elements, this product has proven to be very effective in preventing and treating Box Blight.

Transform your plants with this premium treatment and enhance their growth, leaf colour, and shine.

  • It also encourages regrowth in damaged areas and boosts resistance against box blight for a healthier, more vibrant garden display.
  • Keep your Buxus healthy and increase its disease resistance with this easy-to-use effervescent tablet.
  • Simply apply to the Buxus' foliage using a pressure sprayer.
  • This leaf fertiliser is made from all-natural ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals.
  • Transform your Buxus into a resilient, disease-resistant plant with TopBuxus Health Mix!
  • Chemical-free leaf fertilizer tablet
  • Apply using a pressure sprayer onto the foliage. 
  • simply dissolve 1 tablet in 1L of water, wait 10 minutes, and spray onto your Boxwood foliage for optimal results.