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  • Tulip Catherina 20 Bulbs - The Irish Gardener Store
  • Tulip Catherina 20 Bulbs - The Irish Gardener Store
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Tulip Catherina 20 Bulbs

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A Beautiful White Tulip

Tulip Catherina is a most elegant, single, white Tulip. 

Its tall growing, each flowering stem can reach 60cm bringing a pure and stately elegance to the garden.

I adore the colour white in the garden. Simple whites mixed with green foliage creates a very calming and restful effect. 

Alternatively you could use white as a foil to the darker colours.

  • Plant 15cm deep and 10cm or more apart

All the textbooks will say to plant Tulips in the autumn but over the years I have found it's better to plant later in the autumn even into winter.

  • Size of Bulb 10-12cm
  • Bulbs are supplied in 20s.

All the packaging that I use is either reused, recycled or recyclable. All the bulbs are supplied to me loose in bulk crates so that there is no plastic wrapping or packaging to be dumped.

Inevitably I have to charge delivery on items that I offer for sale on this site. However, delivery is charged at a standard rate from 700g up to 15kg. Get value from the delivery charge by including more purchases in one order. You'll be surprised at how much you can fit into 15kgs!!