Velda UV-C PL Lamp 55 W

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A UV-C PL Light is an integral part of a UV-C unit, that is used to keep aquariums and ponds free of floating algae, and to decrease the number of bacteria using UV-C radiation. When the light output of the lamp decreases, it is advisable to change the bulb. Keep in mind that it will only reach optimum PL UV-C output only after a week or two, which is to be expected from UV-C lamps. The yield of these lights is 30 % more and their lifetime is 30 % longer than that of common models.

Note: Be aware that ultraviolet radiation is very dangerous for the eyes and skin. Always switch off the power supply before installing or cleaning.

  • Power: 55 W
  • Effective lifetime of the lamp: 7500 burning hours
  • Suitable for ponds with capacity: < 75000 L

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