Vintage Blue Seed Mixture

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Use this Vintage Blue Seed Mixture to create a beautiful mixed planting of blues and lilacs for a calming and restful space in the garden

Presented in a beautiful and re-usable hard-cardboard cylinder, this Vintage Blue Seed Mixture - Seed Shaker will make a perfect gift as well as being a very handy refillable seed shaker

Covers up to 10 square metres

Wildflower Seed Mixtures want a soil which is very low in nutrients so don’t apply any fertiliser before sowing Vintage Blue Seed Mixture

The best months to sow your Vintage Blue Seed Mixture are March-April and September October.

Seed Mix - Whats included in your Vintage Blue Seed Mixture:

Floss Flower Blue, Borage, Cornflower, Chinese forget-me-not, Larkspur Blue Mix, Fineflower Gilia, Flax, Blue Lupin, Baby Blue Eyes, Love in a Mist, Purple Tansy, Blue German Catchfly and Purple Viper's Bugloss.

(Varieties can differ and can be replaced due to crop and seasonal circumstances.)

Pictures are illustrative only and whilst I have made every attempt to ensure that they represent what is in each mixture, they are not definitively accurate as to what is included in each mixture